U.S. Bangladesh Advisory Council

The US-Bangladesh Advisory Council is a non-profit, non-partisan organization.
For over a decade, USBAC has been working to strengthen the relationship
between the United States and Bangladesh and promote economic development
in Bangladesh through public policy.

Our Mission:

  • Enhance the social, economic and political ties between the United States
    and Bangladesh and strengthen collaboration between the people of the
    two countries;

  • Work with the U.S. and Bangladesh governments, non-governmental
    organizations and the private sector to enact public policy to promote social
    and economic development in Bangladesh;

  • Provide critical insights, analyses, and research to policy makers in the
    United States and Bangladesh to enable them to make informed decisions;

  • Facilitate the participation of Bangladeshi residents in the United States in
    U.S. social, political and economic institutions.
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